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    Runmus K3

    • Product Type: headset
    • UPC: 822361414094

    Full immersion into a game by elite feel and sound

    gaming headset



    gaming headset

    Hear everything from every direction as if you were in the battlefield

    The 7.1 surround sound technology along with the noise-cancelling microphone, RUNMUS K3-RGB headset makes you feel you're actually in the game.

    When playing games like battle field you can hear enemy players run up behind you and it actually sound like the sound is coming from behind you. For zombie games like state of decay it comes in so clutch because you can hear where the zombies are located and their proximity.



    gaming headset

    Comfortable to wear for extended periods

    RUNMUS headset offers an incredibly comfortable fit. This model is heavily padded around the ears and the top of the headset to level up on comfort. Made with soft and breathable cushions, it will fits over your hair and is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.




    gaming headset

    Helped a lot of times during pvp matches

    The large 50mm drivers pump out crisp directional sound that lets you hear the competition coming. In addition, The mic eliminates all surrounding noise so your counterparts can hear your voice clearly.



    gaming headset

    Eye-catching RGB lighting design

    When you plug in the USB jack, the fascinating LED light will be on. The RGB LEDS on both sides are a nice accent and aren't so bright, making it a lit experience.



    gaming headset

    Buy with confidence

    With its long term comfort, impressive audio and a suite of cables for use on just about any platform, RUNMUS truly optimize your game experience by offering high capability-price ratio headset.




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    • Microphone doesn't seem to work on PC. Plugged in and recognized, mute switch is off, volume up. No luck.


      Thank you for your reply and time on this matter.
      Please don't be worried, we are here to resolve this problem.
      Could you please take a little bit time to help us confirm few details?Thanks

      When you set up headset on your pc

      1. Plug headset 3.5 mm plug into your pc with 2in1 splitter.Plug red and green jack into corresponding port on pc.
      2. Please plug usb cord into your device to get lighting.
      3. Switch off the microphone mute button on the headset cord.
      4. Check sound output in Windows 10, and set headphones as the sound output device.
      5. Go to playback to set headphones as default.
      6. Go to Recording to set microphone as default.

      I attached a link about how to set up headset on windows 10, hope it may help.

    • What hz rate does the RUNMUS K3 use?

      Hello from RUNMUS Support,

      Frequency range: 20Hz~20KHz

    • the led light is not working

      Hello from Runmus Support,

      We are so sorry for any invonenience.
      Please don't worry, we are here to solve this problem.

      Have you plug the USB cable to the computer?
      If it is still not working, we suspect you received a defective one, in this case, please send us your order number and problem via email:

      Please don't worry, we will follow up this issue until it's settled down.